Hydrated Warrior

  • This IV infusion is a basic 1 liter bag of fluids to optimize hydration status. Add on any vitamin, antioxidant, mineral like B12, B-complex, glutathione or NAD+, to customize for your needs.

Warrior Shield

  • Help prevent illness and strengthen your immune system. High dose Vitamin C, Zinc, B-Complex, B12.

Beautiful Warrior

  • Looking to detox? Wanting to reduce oxidative stress? Repair damaged liver cells? Brighten and lighten your skin? We definitely got you covered. With high doses of Vitamin C & Glutathione, B-Complex we will get you feeling great and slow the aging process.

Rejuvenated Warrior

  • Need to feel revived, vibrant, refreshed, and energized? Got you covered.
  • Vitamin C, Glutathione, Taurine, B12.

Wrecked Warrior

  • Have a long night and feeling it today?? Head pounding and nauseated? Warrior has the concoction for you to get your back for round 2 or avoid wasting the day away nursing a hangover. Including medications zofran, pepcid, toradol, with essential vitamins such as Vitamin C, B-Complex, B-12, Taurine, Glutathione. Lets get you back on the tracks.

Warrior Advantage

  • This IV infusion is a 2 Part series- ALA, followed by high doses of Vitamin C, Glutathione, Carnitine, Taurine, B12, B-Complex to enhance performance, reduce recovery time and increase lean muscle mass.

NAD+ Infusion Only with 250mg- additional doses- $10 per 50mg.

  • NAD+, the gold star of coenzymes, metabolized in the liver and kidneys has hundreds of benefits on cell function, and ensuring optimal functioning of our defensive mechanism to help protect and defend the body from aging and disease.
  • Levels of NAD+ decrease with age, and in many comorbidities (diabetes, obesity, hypertension) levels also decline, as well as with cardiovascular disease. In addition, viral infections also deplete NAD+ levels.
  • Increasing levels of NAD+ has been shown to improve outcomes, contribute to the reduction of inflammation, decrease stress, anxiety, depression, improve mental clarity. Preclinical studies have shown adequate levels of NAD+ in endothelial cells reverses vascular and endothelial dysfunction.

Semaglutide Refill

  • Refill of semaglutide prescription
  • *Price is per vial

Tirzepatide medical weight loss- Consultation


Tirzepatide Refill


IM injection- Lipo- MIC, B12, Tri-immune, Glutathione

  • Book for an IM injections which are fast, and convenient when you do not have time for an infusion. Increase energy, antioxidants, immune boosting, weight loss, more.