16 Jun

💧Are you dehydrated?

How do you know? 

✨Symptoms of dehydration include: 

💦Feeling thirsty



🫢Dry mouth 

💪🏻Muscle cramps 

⚠️Dark urine



💪🏻In order for your body to maintain optimal condition, your body requires proper hydration. 

It is essential to regulate body temperature, deliver, nutrients to cells, maintain adequate functioning of the organs, prevent infections, improve performance, maintain joint, lubrication, improve, sleep, quality condition, and mood. 

💦It is recommended to drink approximately 1️⃣1️⃣cups of water per day for women, and 1️⃣6️⃣ cups of water for men per day. are you getting the recommended intake of water? 

It is recommended to avoid sugar sweetened beverages., as this can increase dehydration. 

✨Plain water may not be the best option for adequate hydration, as your body needs electrolytes and minerals to function also. Try adding fruit or vegetables to your water such as lemons, berries, oranges, or cucumber slices for added benefits.

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